Hello world!

It’s three in the morning and I can’t go back to sleep.

I’ve emptied my bladder, sipped some water, turned off the living room lamp, stepped outside into the chilly, almost-full moonlight, and snuggled into the flannel sheets with my feet warming on the heating pad. My body is comfortable.

I’m not replaying the day’s pleasures nor grumbling over things I cannot change.

I am thinking of this month’s “Camp NaNoWriMo” writing challenge I signed up for: mostly light-weight thoughts about plot, tension, scenes, and only a modicum of guilt that I didn’t write any new material today. Ah well, I’ll be going to the write-in at the Perugino wine bar midday today, and will make good progress, fueled not by wine, but by their delicious coffee and lunch offerings.

I keep seeing the Camp’s sign-up page and the field where one lists their website. Well, I don’t have a one to list. I haven’t yet embraced the whole social media thing, even though the Writer’s Digest website says, “If you want to sell more books or simply get your name out there, a writer’s platform is essential.” I believe them 100%, and a dear friend is doing great job with hers: <theheartofthematter-dailyreminders.org>

So, here I am, finally dipping my toe into the world of blogging, a first step in building my writer’s platform. This is a new beginning, and I hope that those of you who find/follow me, will enjoy what I offer.

As soon as I load this post, I can fill in the field with my WordPress website. And then go back to sleep!